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college algebra word problem

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Wayne can do a job in 6 hours, while Susan can do the same job in 7 hours. How long would it take them to do the job if the worked together?

Thank you!!

  • college algebra word problem -

    the rate for each is 1job/6hrs,or 1job/7hours

    timetogehter=1job/combined rate
    = 1/(1/6 + 1/7)

    go for it.

  • college algebra word problem -

    OK so find LCD which is 24, than multiply 4*1 and 3*1 making first fraction 4/24 and the second 3/24 which is 7/24. Than flip and 24/7 making the answer somewhere around 3/7 hours and I'm not sure on how to convert that into more technical answer... So what do you think?

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