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Microsoft Word file glitch

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I must have hit the wrong key. As I was writing a Microsoft Word document, the whole screen changed and now everytime I hit the "Enter" bar, a black Paragraph symbol prints. Each letter has a dot between it as though I am seeing the visual representation for what the program is doing to space the document.

How do I "undo" this lock in? Help!
I cannot create any more files until I
fix this. I am sure it must be a very simple fix, but I don't know how to do it. I will need very simple step-by-step instructions. Don't assume I know anything much about the computer.

  • Microsoft Word file glitch -

    At the top of your screen, among all the editing symbols, there is the paragraph symbol. See it?

    Click on it, and all those extra marks should go away.

    Let me know.

  • Microsoft Word file glitch -

    Yes, I see it.
    I clicked on the Paragraph symbol.
    And all was right with the file again.
    What a wonderful resource this site is!

  • Microsoft Word file glitch -

    You're very welcome!!

  • Microsoft Word file glitch -

    Knowing that you can turn this feature on and off can be useful. For example, if the spacing is very different from what you believe you have set, sometimes you can figure out what's going on when you turn this feature on.

    * The paragraph symbol means you hit the Enter key at that point.

    * If you see a dot, you've pressed the spacebar at that point.

    * If you see a right arrow, you've pressed the Tab key.

    * Etc.

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