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Discuss :The impact of technology in terms of cultural consumption.

Answer: Technology is re-engaging people, bringing closer to each other more than ever. As the technology advances, people are interacting with one another from all over the world or within the comfort of their living room. Television is one of the technologies that is bringing families closer, as members of the family sit together and watch television while dining. Social Networking, such as Face book and Instant Messaging are also a major influence on cultural consumption, people communicate through these networks, bringing them closer to one another world wide.

*** Is this right, what else could i add?**


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It's quite repetitive. In the first sentence I'd add "people, bringing them closer..." Instead of "or" what about dropping that..."all over the world within the comfort...?" The word "Face book" is all one word = "Facebook." In the last sentence, after "consumption: it is not a comma, but a semicolon to avoid a run-on sentence. "cultural consumption; people, etc."

    To add to this you might add something about the speed with which people now can communicate.


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    what do you exactly mean by the speed with which people communicate can u please give an example, and since i have to write page for this topic, do think the information is correct? does it answer the question ? Do you have any links to websites that could be helpful?


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