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Write the +/- family for:500, 1100, 1600.

What do i do?

Is that correct? Please help.Thank you.

  • math-3rd grade -

    Hi elaine,
    Yup, that is all correct. Well done!

  • math-3rd grade -

    Thank you

  • math-3rd grade -

    explain how 3 group partial sums work

  • math-3rd grade -

    needs help in math. I don't know what this is all about but I would to get her some help. Thanks her mom ( Julene )

  • math-3rd grade -

    Oops, missed out some equations
    such as
    500 + 1600,
    sorry about that

  • math-3rd grade -

    together with 1100 + 1600, 1100 - 500, and I'm not sure if you also want to include those with negative answers..

  • math-3rd grade -

    give three numbers that make each statement true.
    1.- 12+(?) is greater than 20.

  • math-3rd grade -

    Explain your thinking. Use the digits 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 to write two money amounts that you can subtract by trading 1 dollar for 10 dimes. Then solve.

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