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Use the digits below to answer the number riddle.
2 4 9 6 7 3
The difference between two 3-digit numbers is a palidrome between 200 and 300,What are the numbers?

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    Hi Tina,
    A palindromic number is a symmetrical form, in this case, xyx, where x has to be 2 as the number is between 200 and 300.
    We'll ignore the y to move on to finding the x.
    Create two numbers where the difference of the hundreds place = 2.
    For example, 9y9 and 7y7. Or maybe 4y4 and 2y2. Whatever it is, the first number and last number of both digits must be the same for a symmetrical answer.
    Then, choose a y, any digit from the list above. Those will be your numbers.
    Just remember, the y in the number with the bigger x has to be bigger than the y in the number with the smaller x.
    For example, we could use 969 and 737. This gives us 232, a palindrome number. Also, we could use 636 and 424. This gives us 212, which is also a palindrome number. There are several possibilities, go ahead and try them out! :)

    Hope I helped. Sorry for the lengthy post. Let me know if you have any problems understanding this.

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    Sorry cannot solve it - too hard

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