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A. singular possessive noun
B. plural possessive noun
C. singular possessive pronoun
D. plural possessive pronoun
E. singular verb
F. incorrect usage
G. singular noun
H. plural noun
tell me the answers for the following chose from the answers choices above
1) goe's F 2)his F 3) goose's B
4)man's F 5)men's B 6)donkeys' 7)Canada's 8)follows 9)its 10)Hank's 11)capital's 12)girls' 13)brothers-in-law 14)hers 15)mother-in-law's 16)Chris's 17)duchess' 18)duchesses 19)theirs 20)one hour's 21)strategy 22)Nevada's 23)sisters 24)sister's 25)sisters' 26)fellow's 27)sends 28)winners' 29)ours 30)nobody's 31)everybody's 32)Gregory's 33)female's 34)he'e 35)somebodys 36)ourselfs 37)mine 38)miners' 39)people 40)school's

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    We'll be happy to check your answers.

    Some of your choices are very clearly wrong and don't fit any category. The wrong words are 1) goe's, 34)he'e, 35)somebodys, 36)ourselfs

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    oops i meant her's

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    her's is also incorrect.

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    what about the rest its due tomorrow

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    I can't believe that you can't do any of the rest of these. Can't you at least find the singular nouns?

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    that means putting extra weight in how much homework i have to do and study for i can barely keep up with this and also I WILL NEVER GET A TUTOR

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    A tutor helps you understand your homework. S/he does not do the work for you.

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    i know what this stuff is my brain isnt clicking right now since its concentrating on the algebra, SAT words quiz for AMerican HIstory, Vocabulary words for language arts, soccer game, tennis practice, then church school

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    You do have a tough schedule.

    I suggest, though, that you start prioritizing your time better. For instance, I think you could have finished this language arts exercise on your own in the time it took you to type it in this forum. Certainly, our dialogue back and forth took more of your valuable time.

    Wouldn't you have been better off doing this exercise, and then posting any possible questions about the few you weren't sure about?

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    seriously... language arts? im like in a private school and this stuff is easy
    compared to what i have due tomorrow and tests. you shouldn't be complaining.

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