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the volume of a box needs to be 500 cubic cm. if the bas has dim of 12.5 cm and 5 cm how high must the box be?

I got 8 cm. Is this right?
My work is 12.5/500=40
8 cm

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    8 * 12.5 * 5 = 500

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    Thank you. I just needed to show my work.

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    the width of a rectangle is 2cm.the perimeter of the recangle is 16cm. what is the length of the rectangle?

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    16 -4cm = 12/2 = 6 is the length

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    how do you compute 4cm = ___m

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    well you have it upside down
    500/12.5 = 40
    40/5 = 8

    I would have said:
    12.5 * 5 * x = 500
    62.5 x = 500
    x = 500/62.5
    x = 8

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    Thank you for all your help

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