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how do I figure ou this answer?

Jess say's the square of the sum of 17 plus some number will equal his mother's age squared. If jess' mother's age squared is 2209, what number must be used to make the equation true?

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    Write the equations and solve them.
    Let the "some number" be x. Let his mother's age be y.
    (17 + x)^2 = y^2
    y^2 = 2209

    Hint: the square root of 2209 is 47. So you can eliminate y as an unkown.

    You will be left with a quadratic equation to solve. Use the usual methods.

  • math - me
    about this common monomial factor.
    how to solve it,and how can i use the short method.
    thank you. :)

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    Please post your question separately using "Post a New Question" and explai: * what monomial factor you are talking about,
    * why it is "common" and
    * what the "it" is that you are trying to solve.

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