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Alicia, it will be up to you to separate the following into 2 columns = similariaties and differences. This is merely "brainstorming:"

The Triangles: Casandra, Federico, Aurora
el Marqués Carlos, Aurora, Federico

1. note Federico appears in both triangles
2. sadness, distrust - between Casandra & Federico but also between Aurora & Federico
3. acceeding to the Duke's wishes - Federico pretends to do this in both triangles
4. reciprocal love - between Casandra & Federico & Carlos & Aurora
5. one-sided love - Aurora & Federico in both triantles
6. impossible love = Casandra & Federico and Aurora & Federico
7. unrequoited love - Federico & Aurora in both triantles
8. friendship - Casandra & Aurora and Carlos & Federico
9. discussing love with a servant - Casandra and Federico
10. jealousy - between Casandra & Federico and Aurora & Federico
11. killing - Federico kills Casandra and Carlos kills Federico
12. deceit - just about everywhere!
13. persuasion - Casandra tries to get Federico to marry Aurora and Federico tries to get Carlos to marry Aurora
14. trickery = Federico is tricked by the Duke and so is Carlos
15. suffering - just about everywhere!
16. treachery - that too~
17. doubt - Casandra doubts Federico's love and Federico doubts Aurora's
18. pretense - a great deal of that in both triangles
19. desire - Casandra & Federico, Aurora's desire first for Federico and then for Carlos, Carlos' desire for Aurora
20. vice - Casandra & Federico, but in those days NOT between cousins (Federico & Aurora)
21. sin - for Casandra & Federico to talk alone and for Carlos & Aurora to talk alone (in the garden) = 2 unmarried people without a dueña was a "no-no" in those days
22. justice - Casandra & Federico are united in death, while Carlos & Aurora are united in life


1. In one triangle there are 2 women but in the other there are 2 men
2. In one triangle there are 2 that die but in the other, 2 live
3. requoited love (reciprocal) in one triangle and unrequoited in another (yet again, there is reciprocal love in both)

Hopefully I won't have to reread that play one more time!


  • Alicia, Spanish play -

    thank you so much, after this I have to get ready for the next play to read playboy of seville.

  • Alicia, Spanish play -

    Aha! Keep me apprised of what you are going to read, and I'll try to keep up with you! Of course, I've read all these in Spanish and have no idea what the English translation looks like! You DO mean "El Burlador de Sevilla" by Tirso de Molina? Because my niece was studying in Sevilla, I spent considerable time there.


  • Alicia, Spanish play -

    Because of the scene in the church yard, my classes read this for Hallowe'en!


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