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Struggling readers.

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I am working with a group of children and my goal is to assist them in improving their reading. The children are between the ages of 7 and 8 and they are struggling in reading and fluency. I did a few phonogram lessons, as well as some reading and writing lessons; however, I still need more lessons. Do you know where I could get lessons that are designed for to help struggling readers....? Thanks for ur help....

  • Struggling readers. -

    Wouldn't it be advantegous for you to set up a longer term reading program? Fluent reading takes time reading. I would suggest a program that lasts several months.
    Perhaps it could be structured similar to the AR program. In fact, why not the AR program, its success is well documented. All you would have to do is set terms for rewards based on AR Points.

  • Struggling readers. -

    I am a student-teacher and will only be working with these kids for a short time... I wanted to at least, find lessons that will, to some extent, improve their reading...

  • Struggling readers. -

    There are programs out there:


    2. (PDF file to download with tips):

    3. (You might let them bring in something they like to read):

    NOTE: Because there are so many books on this subject, visit your local library and consult with the librarian.


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