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For my analyzing media essay I will be writing about the topic of law, as I was assigned it in class. I want to write about how society sets its own predetermined laws for everyone to follow but sometimes certain people disobey the common norms to hide something deeper within. With regards to this I will use the TV show House. Dr. House always is disobeying the common norms of society, with regards to being not only a doctor but also a person. He treats everyone like an ass and cannot find passion for anyone. He gets away with this because he is a brilliant doctor, and no one can solve cases and come to outrageous solutions like him. His tactics include ridiculous procedures and medicine that no one usually agrees with. He always disobeys his boss and when she does not agree with him and tells him he cannot perform a certain treatment, it never stops him. He also is scheduled to do clinic duty in order to help himself as a person learn to talk to people, but he again is sneaky and gets out of this. For example in 1 episode he is schedule to do clinic duty and he comes out into the room with all the patients and tells people he will pay them money if they leave now. This is just one example of how he uses his wits and sarcastic ways to get out of things.

This was a paper proposal that got ok'd by my teacher. From this I have to write a 5-7 page paper. I have no idea how to start this essay. need some help

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