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can someone please help me?? im so confused with this. :(

Columbus's journey to the Americas in the 15th century led to many changes in the new world.

a. Identify the resulting convergence of cultures and items that were introduced to the old and new world.

b. Discuss the impacet on both of the areas. Use specific examples.

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    a. What things and ideas moved from Europe to the New World? What ideas and things moved from the New World to Europe?

    b. What changed in both areas?

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    okay thank you soo much! i think i understand a. but not b. can you give me a little more help with b please?

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    Some of the impacts were that Europeans began sending more ships and people to the New World. They brought back unusual plants and animals. The New World people received mostly strange diseases and oppression. Firearms and horses were also new to the native Americans

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    but isnt a and b the same answers

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    If you substitute "influence" for "impact," you might have a better understand of b.

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