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Invisible Man:
Mr. Norton- "you are my fate, young man"

he talks about emerson's self realiance and how emerson is important

but isnt he going aganist emerson's theory of self reliance??

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    My opinion, Not necessarily.

    One can be self reliant and still be subject to outside forces.
    We never know who we will meet or what unplanned situation we will face.
    Mr. Norton, I think , is saying that their meeting is an "opportunity" that has been given him to "teach".

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    but i don't get it, mr norton relies on invisible man for his fate so therefore he isnt expressing emerson's theory.

    also he isnt teaching anyone everyhting is for his benefit: does that tell me something??

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    Again, I don't believe that Mr.Norton is teaching for his own benefit.

    Norton's meeting the invisible man, is a "happenstance, fluke of fate" that provides him with an opportunity to fulfill his destiny to be a "teacher". He does not have to accept this challenge. In that way, Norton's "fate" is in his own hands. He can choose NOT to 'teach'....and that too will determine his "fate".

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