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I need help on how to solve equations with variables on both sides.

1. 30=8 - 2x
2. 98 - 4b= -11b
3. 3p - 8= 13 - 4p
4. 9 - 2y/7 = y
5. 1/3(12 - 6x) = 4 - 2x

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    Add, subtract, multiply or divide both sides of the equation by the same amount unitl you get only the variable you want on one side. That is all there is to it.

    For example:
    30 = 8 - 2x
    22 = -2x
    -22 = 2x
    x = -11

    You should be able to do the others yourself

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    How would you go about solving this one, though: 3p - 8= 13 - 4p
    Would you subtract the 13 from the 8 first and then add 4p to the 3p?

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    3p - 8= 13 - 4p

    You would first add 8 to both sides of the equation.

    3p = 21 - 4p

    Then add 4p to both sides.

    7p = 21
    p = ?

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    Substitute the answer for p in your original equation. Did you get the correct answer?

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    So p = 3. I understand now. Thank you!

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    Great! You're welcome. :-)

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