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i need to research 4 different newspapers. which i have done.
im having trouble with what type of language is used in the newspapers. i don`t know what it means.

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    Here is what you can do to discover type of language:

    Online, read any paragraph from the San Jose Mercury News, then read a paragraph from the Christian Science Monitor.

    Surely you see the differences.

    If you don't get it then, try any paragraph from the New York Times and compare it to a paragraph to a in the New York Daily Post. You may have difficulty in the Post finding a paragraph greater then one sentence long. I did.

    Now, compare the two sets of newspapers. One has language that befits the cognitive functioning of Jethro Clampett, while the other aims higher...word length, sentence construction, actual thoughts in the wording.

    Now compare these four newspaper to this:


    Now I hope you see a language difference. Newspapers write simply, from a basal level to a more educated level, however, to keep readers, the level of language and reasoning is aimed at the common citizen. Other writings go farther than newspapers..they can touch on abstract thoughts and acually stimulate the brain. Newspapers deal with direct things observed, in plain language, using emotive words (look emotive up in the dictionary http://www.onelook.com/?w=emotive&ls=a )

    Here is a better way to do your research assignment that what I outlined above.

    Now have fun with this.

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