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define the term cliche. can you give me a clear example?

i've looked through a lot of dictionaries but nothing is clear for me.so i thought i try here?

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    Cliche is a tired, overused phrase. Often it has become meaningless.

    examples: As blue as the sky..
    poorer than a pickpocket in a nudist colony
    kick the dog and cat
    chew the rag
    Well I'll be a money's uncle
    as screwed up as a football bat
    cold turkey
    lie like a rug
    two shakes of a lamb's tail
    chew him out
    put your foot down

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    ClichéSite.com - The largest collection of clichés or cliches ...
    Clichés, sayings or phrases listed with definitions and explanations. Clichés are organized by subject and alphabetically and you can use the search ...
    cliche - definition of cliche by the Free Online Dictionary ...
    Definition of cliche in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of cliche. Pronunciation of cliche. Translations of cliche. cliche synonyms, cliche antonyms.
    List of cliches, cliches, what is a cliche, definition of cliche ...
    Dec 17, 2005 ... A writer needs to be aware of not including trite metaphors and clichés in their writing, or else you may risk losing a reader’s attention. ...

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