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Why does Great Britian have colonies in North America??

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    Great Britain has no colonies in North America. Bermuda, in the Caribbean, is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

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    Bermuda is not in the Caribbean, but in the Atlantic Ocean. It's considered part of North America.

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    sorry, why DID Great Britian have colonies in North America?

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    sorry, i like to change names. i said that.:)

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    Britain had colonies in North America for land, money, trade, and power. The original colonists were enticed here by hopes of more religious freedom and a more prosperous life.

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    thank u sooo much!! unfortunately, i hav a couple more.:(

    In what ways was the threat of American Expansion into British North America a reasion for federal union (COnfederation)?

    Im sorry for keeping u up by the way!!!

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    ugh!!! my name is becca!!! sorry:)it keeps changing

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