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What is the precision of lab equipment? More importantly, how do you find it?

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    You need to refine your question. It would take a month to write about the precision and how it is determined for triple beam balances, analytical balances, graduated cylinders, pipets, and on and on into the night.

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    ummm okay... how about, what's the precision of a centigram balance and metric ruler?

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    The precision of a metric ruler is so variable. It just depends upon the ruller, how it is marked off, the size of the ruler etc. The easiest way to determine the precision of YOUR metric ruler is to look at the marking, choose the smallest division, then estimate how close you can read between the markings. That will be the precision. For example, the metric ruler may be a meter stick (ruler). It will be marked in cm from 1 to 100, and between cm will be marked in mm (or perhaps every 2 mm). You can estimate a reading between the small divisions.

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