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sublimation poems

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hi i need help to find a acrodtic poem for the word sublimation can somebody help me

  • sublimation poems -

    According to your other posts, you're supposed to make up your own acrostic poem.

    I gave you a website and a first line. It's up to you now!

  • sublimation poems -

    Is your assignment to write an acrostic poem with the word "sublimation"?


    Here is an example of an acrostic poem made with the word "vacation":

    Vacant motels
    Always touring foreign countries
    Chuck Cheeses groovy movin'
    A time to be free
    Tension is not rocking, blocking boulders
    Imagination is flying wild with the honeybees
    Open mouth and taste the ocean
    No more school!

    As you can see, each of the lines in the poem relate to the meaning of the word itself -- not definitions of the word, but an idea or situation which relates to it.

    Let us know what you come up with for "sublimation" and someone here will be happy to comment on your ideas.


  • sublimation poems -

    its not helping give me one with the word sublimation

  • sublimation poems -

    No one is going to GIVE you a poem made with the word "sublimation." You need to write it yourself.

  • sublimation poems -

    i want to no a poem for sublimation any kind that's dealing with science

  • sublimation poems -

    Sun colors lose their shine
    Understand solid goes to gas
    Bubbling it doesn't understand you
    Listen to it pass without liquid
    Indirectly it says sorry
    Maybe it will come back some day
    At once it becomes free instead of full
    Trust it to come back cool
    I hope it isn't a hothead
    Obviously freedom means more to it
    Never forget solid going to gas directly!

  • sublimation poems -

    S olid to a gas
    U nder pressure
    B eware of the phase change
    L iquid phase is skipped
    I odine can sublime
    M atter
    A drastic change in temperature causes this phase to occur
    T ake CO2, it can sublime from a solid (dry ice) to a gas
    I t changes matter from a solid to a gas
    N ot all matter can sublime

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