crt 205 week 5

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idenifing fallacies and catergorizing fallacies

  • crt 205 week 5 -

    Hey, another Axia student. No puncuation, no verbs, no question.

    Do you have any questions?

  • crt 205 week 5 -

  • crt 205 week 5 -

    lookning for answers to week 5 assignment on categorizing fallacies

  • crt 205 week 5 -

    In February 1992, a representative of the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico
    gave a radio interview (broadcast on National Public Radio) in which he
    said that the Church was against the use of condoms. Even though the
    rate of AIDS infection in Puerto Rico is much higher than on the U.S.
    mainland, the spokesman said that the Church could not support the use
    of condoms because they are not absolutely reliable in preventing the
    spread of the disease. “If you could prove that condoms were absolutely
    dependable in preventing a person from contracting AIDS, then the
    Church could support their use.”
    I am not getting what fallacy this question is or why. Can someone help me

  • crt 205 week 5 -

    Crt 205 week 5

  • crt 205 week 5 -

    Straw man fallacy

  • crt 205 week 5 -

    it is the perfectionist fallacy which basically means all or nothing. the catholic church will not accept the use of condoms because they are not 100% perfect in preventing all diseases.

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