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ok so im learning about physical and chemical change and im just lost. like for instance, if u are cooking an egg would it be physical cuz it changs from a liquid to a solid?

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    No, it is a chemical change. The egg changes color, and the protein in the egg is denatured (protein bonds are broken). In most foods, heat causes protein bonds to break (meat gets tender, for instance).

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    ok that makes sense. so then would boiling water be chemical too? or since it changes fro water to evaporation would it be physical?

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    on physical bonds, usually they are reversible. No way to unharden a boiled egg...

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    ok so then like ice would be physical cuz u can freeze and unfreeze as much as u would like. and the boiling water would be physical cuz evaporation changes back into water. is that right?

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    water boiling is a physical change. It can recondense to water from the steam.

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    so then gasoline would be chem cuz it cant change back. but then what about polution?

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    yes, ice melting is a physical change.

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    thank u sooo much!

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