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the solubility of a compound is 59g per 100 mL in boiling methanol and 30g per 100mL in cold methanol, whereas its solubility in water is 7.2g per 100 mL at 95 C and .22g per 100mL at 2C. Which solvent would be better for recrystallization of the compound? Explain.

Well this is my take on this. I calculated the recovery yeild of each and I get 49% for the first ans 90% something for the second. I pick the second solvent to be better because it produces a higher recovery rate. However, I am a bit confused I'm I right. Is this good reasoning?

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    I don't see anything wrong with your reasoning. However, there are other things to consider than gross solubility; e.g., ease of dissolving, the impurity which one is trying to eliminate,etc. Based on the problem, with just solubility and no impurity listed, the loss of the ingredient in methanol is high.

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    Thank you. i understand this now.

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