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plse help me i am in journalism and i am writing a oppinion paper on why my school should have a soccer team and i need help straightening some things out. this is wat i have

____ ____ has a Football team, Vollyball team, Baseball team, Cross Country team, and more. Why not have soccer teams?
I personally enjoy playing soccer. I do not play many sports but if there was a soccer team then I would deffiantly be on the team. I love the feeling of a successful kick to the ball sending it into the net.
Some people are not very good at sports such as basketball or football because there are more to them than soccer. Soccer is a more simplier game. Soccer is basically kicking the ball trying to get it into your teams net and scoring a goal. When the football players are playing they need to catch the football and make sure they are not tackled. Baseball or softball the players have to stand at the base or at the outfield waiting for the ball or try to hit the ball out of the park.

that is all i have so far and here are the problems. i cant use I in it because people already know its me saying those things. plse tell me any ideas i could really use them and if possible plse help with good idea for the conclusion. i have quotes from people but those i should put on. :)
thx you so mcuh

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    You're right, this is not a good opinion piece because your arguments are all personal.

    In the body of your paper explain why it will help the students and your school to have a soccer team.

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