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You're contacted by the owners of Abbey, a three-year-old spayed Lab mix. Abbey has a history of biting her owners and visitors. The bites usually occur when the victim reaches for the dog. The owners believe that this problem can be fixed by training. In your opinion,

A. yes, good training can teach Abbey to stop biting people.
B. yes, as long as the trainer knows how to punish Abbey seriously for this behavior.

C. no, this is not a training issue.

D. no, because once a dog has bitten a human, the dog can never be rehabilitated.

I picked C

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    The best time to train a dog not to bite is when he/she is a puppy. You grab the skin of the upper jaw, insert it in the dog's mouth and quickly a puppy will learn that hurts! We trained many puppies not to bite that way. Often if you hold a toy in your hand, the puppy will bit the toy but not your hand.


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    I agree that C is the correct answer among the four choices given.

    However, now you must ask yourself, "What really WILL solve the problem, if anything?"

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    Yes, I also agree with answer C =)

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