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I am taking the SATs soon and i feel like i have a lot of reasources, but i don't have enough time to study all of it, how do i condense? What is the most important i think my best section would be math, then writing, then reading.. (i don't think sending me links will help, because i already have a lot of books from my older brother) I just don't know how to go about studying so I can get the best grade possible.

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    This link lays it all out pretty well.

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    JUST IN CASE: Please visit what I posted last month on SATS:


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    In my opinion, the SATs should measure what you've learned so far in your years of education. If you plan on majoring in a math or science field, then your math abilities would be most important. You might want to practice writing essays, posting them here, and asking our teachers to critique it.

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