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Select all true statements from the following:

a. ) Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.
b. ) Nonmetals generally react by forming covalent bonds (i.e. sharing electrons) or by gaining electrons to form anions.
c. ) Halogen atoms have the highest ionization energies amongst all groups in the periodic table.
d. ) All nonmetal atoms release energy when forming a 1- anion.

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    Two statements are correct, one is wrong, and one is probably correct in the context it is asked.

    Noble gas atoms have higher ionization energies than halogens.

    Those nonmetals that form stable anions release energy as they do so.

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    I'll take a crack at this but the answers probably aren't what you are looking for.
    a is generally true.
    b is generally true.
    c. Halogens ARE among the highest ionization potential group in the periodic table, BUT there are other elements with higher I.P. than any of the halogens; e.g., He and Kr.
    d. This is generally true; however, the word ALL bothers me. I can't think of one that doesn't fit BUT one may exist.

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