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Thanks for your help. Dawn Dupree was the artist given to us. Not our choice! Mainly I have to find her works, title of each piece and date they were completed. When I have this information and written it down, I have to do my own work and version etc. I still cannot find the dates when her works were comlpeted. From the information I have got from Jishka yesterday I now some titles of works but unforunately I don't have dates of completion.

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    Isn't she still living? Why don't you email her the list and ask her?

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    Fifty years ago, I was given an assignment in College to find out why Roosevelt wore a mourning band at Casablanca. I wrote his wife, Eleanor, and asked her. She (or her secretary) wrote back, answering the question. Neat. She died two years later.
    So ask.

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    Thanks for your replies. We have emailed Dawn Dupree direct but we haven't had a reply from her.

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    We have, but no response from her.

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    I'm not surprisd you had to e-mail her because I couldn't find that information either for you!
    She has so many exhibitions, that whoever set that up for her may know, if you don't get a response from Dawn herself.


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    Many thanks for your help. I will keep trying.

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