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Are these reactions correct?
I was told to do them in "reaction de deplacement simple", or simple moving reaction, I think.

1. Mg + 2HCl = H2 + MgCl2
2. Li + HCl = H2 + LiCl
3. Fe + 2HCl = H2 + FeCl2
4. Zn + 2HCl = H2 + ZnCl2
5. Ca + 2HCl = H2 + CaCl2
6. 2Li + H2O = H2 + Li2O
7. Ca + H2O = H2 + CaO
8. 2Li + Cu2+ = Li2Cu
9. 2Fe + 3Cu2+ = 2Fe2Cu3
10. Zn + Cu2+ = ZnCu
11. Ca + Cu2 = CaCu
12. Li + Fe2+ = Li2Fe
13. Ca + Fe2+ = CaFe

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