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why is religion important in this film?

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    search chariots of fire in wikipedia.

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    One could argue what the motivator was, but I know many would argue religious zeal was a motivator.

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    Actually, I am wondering why you are seeing movies in Literature class? Do you read books in motion pictures?
    The measure of an educated person is to read and analyze the words, thinking in word pictures, and putting those words together to make conclusions. Literature should do that. Movies make visual impressions, an entirely different part of the brain. One ought to be reading literature in literature classes, and save the movies for the weekend, and then, be selective of the movies you see.
    To read is to stir the brain with word pictures, to unsettle our thinking: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Tom Paines Essays, Robert Brownings poems, Elizabeth Brownings Sonnets, the poem "Crossing the Bar". Movies wont do that ever. Ask your parent why are you watching movies in English class.

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    My junior year Lit and Lang teacher back in HS admitted that she had seen a movie that was better than the book it was based on. She told us that the print version of The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper was unbearable or some other such adjective as that. I suppose some might view select films as having equivalent quality with the texts from which they are adapted. Sometimes cinematic experiences can compliment the reading. Why not spent the screen space that you have just spend providing more definitive answers instead of overdramatically bashing pedagogical practices just because you do not agree with them.

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    Thanks. I have met literature teachers like that also.

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    Ahhh, but the question is -- are they actually literature teachers? Or are they "warm bodies" taking up space in a classroom because the principal couldn't find anyone else to handle the class?

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    Excuse me (or rather excuse you), Writeacher. The English teacher that I refered to above was not merely "taking up space." As a matter of fact, she was one of the best instructors that I have ever had in my academic career. I do not appreciate what you are implying at all.

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    Brandon, I think you missed Bobpursley's point. Please think about his statement, "The measure of an educated person is to read and analyze the words, thinking in word pictures, and putting those words together to make conclusions."

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    LOL... seems we have a conundrum....
    I would like to chime in , qualifications many years teaching World Lit and Brit Lit... AND I also occasionally showed a really good movie as opposed to reading that book. Sometimes the movie was used as an addendum to a particular theme, sometimes it was to let them experience a book we didn't have time to read. ( they were reading minimally one book every three weeks) It was never just "veg" time. Example..."Lord Jim" is an excellent movie when you are reading Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". The poor dears would have LOVED to have just gotten to "watch" a movie instead of having to analyze the "bejeezus" out of it. <G>

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