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lol u welcome but i actually relly don't get what my teachers see its an worksheet and the directions are to answer each question usin the underlined academic voc word and its 5 questions and with the five questions i have to answer them using the word in the sentence

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    What are the five questions?

    I assume the five words are categorize, elements, motive, emotion, and aspect.

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    **yes here are the five questions**
    1.Do appels to [Emotion] usually invole the head more than the heart or vica versa?

    2.What is one way you can [cateregorize] characters in a story or play?

    3.what literay [element] do writers use to describe the circumstances of a story such as the time and place that the events occur?

    4.What elemts in a story often serve as clues to a character [motives]?

    5.Why is the point of view usally an important [aspect] of a story?

  • English 4 mz sue thax u -

    Thank you for clarifying your assignment.

    I think your teacher wants you to answer the questions in complete sentences, using the vocabulary word.

    For instance:

    1. Appeals to emotion usually involve the heart more than the head.

    2. You can categorize characters in a story as heroic or cowardly.

    I'm sure you can now answer the rest of the questions in the same format. Please watch your spelling and sentence structure.

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    ****need help with making a sentece just with this one****
    what elemtss in a story often serve as clues to a characters [motives]? need and answer with the word motives in side the answer while answering it

  • English 4 mz sue thax u -

    A character's motives are usually shown by what he thinks and what he says.

  • English 4 mz sue thax u -

    nevermind fount it thanks:]

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