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Cn u plz gv explaination 2 d solutions bit by bit in brief? Cz i really dnt understand hw 2 apply d formula 2 solve it when i revise nw.Thnkz. [g=10 m/s^2 ]a particle P of mass m kg on a rough horizontal table. The coefficient of friction between P & the table is 1 /4. The particle P is attached to one end of a light inextensible string which passes over a small smooth pulley A fixed at the edge of the table. A particle Q of mass 0.3 kg is attached to the other end of the string. The system is released from rest with the string taut & Q hanging freely. Initially P is at a distance 0.7m from the pulley. When P reaches the pulley its speed is 2m/s. Find the value of m. Find also the magnitude & direction of the resultant force exerted on the pulley by the string. The system is returned to its initial position & is maintained in equilibrium in that position by a horizontal force of magnitude X newtons acting on the particle P in the direction of AP. Find the set of possible values of X. Answer> m=0.4 ; 3.03 N at 45 degree below horizontal; 2 <=X<=4

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