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This is Shaun X by the way.

The question is

Colonial America: Communities of conflict or consensus?

What should I write?

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    Didn't loyalists and "patriots" square off in 1776...some sided with the British, and quite a few shot at the British.

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    Are you still asking about the 17th century?

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    Before 1775

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    Shaun -- I think your teacher wants you to read the various quotes and make your own decision. And remember, you originally asked about the 16th century -- which is the 1600s.

    From the way the heading is worded, I assume it means within each colony, not between colonies.

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    Umm I'm pretty sure I asked about the 17th century. But anyways thanks alot Ms.Sue

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    the thirteen colinies of what country from Europe and In what year did the thirteen colinies declare their independence from britan what year was it

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    Sydney -- The 13 colonies of Great Britain declared their independence in 1776 and became the United States of America.

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    Oops -- a typo -- I meant the 17th century. Sorry.

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    That's right -- you asked about the 17th century. That century was the 1600s.

    Think about it -- we are now in the 21st century -- but this is the year 2008.

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