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lizzie bought several apples at 20 cents each, ate two of them, and sold the rest for 30 cents each. she made a profit of $2.20. How many did she buy?

Mercedese had a total of 37 nickles, dimes, and quarters. She had 3 fewer dimes than nickels and 4 more quarters than nickels. How much money did she have?

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    She made a profit of a dime per apple. How many dimes are in $2.20? Then add two more for the apples she ate.

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    n = # nickels
    d = # dimes
    q = # quarters
    d = n-3
    substitute d = n-3 and q = n+4 into the first equation, solve for n, then solve for d and q. I think n = 12 but check my thinking.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    ok thanks-i understand both problems now!

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