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Can sombebody explain what C.E. B.C.E A.D. B.C. I know the definition for each term but I just don't get the system. It would be helpful if explanation is much clearer.

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    The Christian/Western calendar is based upon the approximate time of the birth of Christ.

    B.C. means "Before Christ." B.C. dates count backward from 1 B.C. and represent the years before Jesus was born. The year 100 B.C. is 100 years before Jesus was born.

    B.C.E. is the same as B.C. It means "Before the Common Era."

    A.D., Anno Domini, means "in the year of our Lord." The year 1 A.D. was Jesus's first year of life. 100 A.D. is 100 years after Jesus was born.

    C.E. is the same as A.D. and means in the "Common Era."

    You may want to think of these dates as on a number line, with 0 representing the year Jesus was born. Numbers to the right of 0 represent the years after he was born. Numbers to the left of 0 represent the years before he was born.

    This site may also help you.

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    These two refer to the same period of time:
    BC = Before Christ
    BCE = Before the common era

    These two refer to the same period of time:
    AD = Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord), meaning after Christ's birth
    CE = Common Era

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    canada allows farming and blank provide for a timber industry

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