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British Literature

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#1: Elizabethan productions used (A) extensive scenery (B) elaborate costumes (C) velvet curtains (D) no props.

#1: B

#2: Shakespeare often indicated the end of a scene with (A) a rhyming couplet (B) a line of tetrameter (C) a malapropism (D) a silly song.

#2: A

#3: Music in "Twelfth Night" (A) indicated changes in scenes (B) sets the mood (C) highlights themes (D) all of the above.

#3: D

#4: In Act 5, Malvolio (A) has learned from the practical joke played on him (B) declares revenge on everyone (C) asks Olivia to marry him (D) forgives Sir Toby.

#4: B

#5: Identify the figure of speech in the following statement: "Good Mistress Accost, I desire better acquaintance." (A) malapropism (B) pun (C) oxymoron (D) metaphor.

#5: A

#6: Identify the figure of speech in the following statement: "Your reason, dear venom, give thy reason." (A) malapropism (B) pun (C) oxymoron (D) metaphor.

#6: D

#7: (A) Shakespearean (B) Italian (C) Petrarchan (D) Spenserian.

#7: A

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    You did not put the question to #7, however the rest of them look good.

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    SORRY! >.<;

    #7: A sonnet divided into three quatrains and an end couplet with the rhyme scheme of ababcdcdefefgg is what type of sonnet? (A) Shakespearean (B) Italian (C) Petrarchan (D) Spenserian.

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    That is right!

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    THANK YOU! I'll probably be posting more... <.<;

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    If you need any Websites on "the Bard" I have a lot of great ones!


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    :( i cant get it

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    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    what do the two men exchange

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    identify the speaker (A) Olivia (B)Orsino(C)sebastain(D)Viola(E)Feste
    1-i see you what you are:you are too pround.But,if you were the devil,you are fair. My lord and master loves you. O,such love could be but recompensed,thought you were crowned the nonpareil of beauty

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    The Answer is D. lol I am taking the same course!!

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    :D I'm taking it too

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    Scanning Sonnet 73-

    That time of year thou mayst behold

    When yellow leaves, or none, or few do hang

    Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,

    Bare ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sang.

    Im horrible at scanning. But I would love to have some pointers to make an attempt at passing this British Literature.

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    the aswer to #7 is (a)

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    Holy... This saved me like an hour of looking this stuff up, THANK YOU SO MUCH

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