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Rounding help please! How do I get a child to understand that when rounding to the nearest 100 for example 543 the child doesn't understand that number is between 500 and 600 and not 100 and 200 or something like that. Thanks any help would be appreciated.

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    Answered below.
    P.S. If the child understand rounding up and rounding down, as the previous post indicated, then the number being rounded can't change; i.e., 543 rounded to the tens place is 540 (the 4 stays since the next number is 3 but it would move to 550 is we were rounding 549). Said another way, the 4 can stay or it can be one larger but not two or three larger or two or three less. The 5 in 543 can move ONLY to the 6 if we round up or it stays the same if we throw away the 43). It CAN'T change more than 1 and only then can it move one up, not two or three up and it can't move down.

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