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Hello, in the play Punishment without Revenge there are 2 love triangles one is with the Duke, Cassandra, and Frederico, the question is there is another love triangle are the people in that love triangle Marquis, Aurora, and Frederico also another question is where in the play what caused the second love triangle and how did its development interact with the development with the main love triangle. Thanks

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    Let me respond first with why it will take a while to answer your questions! After I retired I donated all my books to the local library, never dreaming I'd ever want any of them. Then I began volunteering on the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When I discovered there would be help needed on Spanish Literature (most of my life was spent on World Literature = mainly Spanish and French) I went to the library to borrow some of my textbooks. Unfortunately the library sold them! They were expensive for me in the 1950's but the price now is astronomical, so who could blame the library for making money!

    It has been so long now since I read Lope de Vega's plays, that it would be helpful to know the exact title of what you read, etc. When I read "El Castigo sin venganza" there was definitely no translation into English! Are you reading this play in English or Spanish? It is further confusing to discover two different titles in English = Punishment Without Revenge and Justice Without Revenge.

    In the meantime, to avoid rebuying this book, I'll be looking for the play online. No doubt it will be easier to find it in Spanish, but please give me time to do that and I will after I take care of my rescue animals!


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    Thanks,even though this is a spanish class we are doing the literature in english and it its a Lope De Vega play called Punishment without Revenge and its in english. I just wanted to see if can check my answers for the one love triangle, and what act caused the love triangle and development so I can look back, I have a learning disability so its hard for me to comprehend what I am reading, thanks

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    As suspected I could not find a text in English that it wasn't necessary to purchase. The translation came out in 1999, under either Punishment Without Vengeance or Justice Without Vengeance. However, I did find, and have reread, the original Spanish.

    In Act I, we learn Casandra, the duchess of Ferrara, is in love with his illegitimate son, Federico, who returns her love. We meet Aurora, the duke's niece and she tells her uncle that she is in love with Federico. While el Marqués of Gonzaga (Carlos) talks with Aurora, we now suspect he is in love with her!

    In Act II, the Duke tries to get Federico to marry Aurora. Casandra says the Duke says Aurora is jealous of the Marqués. Casandra, of course, does not want Federico to marry Aurora and Federico tells his uncle that Aurora loves el Marqués. But, Casandra tells Aurora, after she spent a long time talking with Frederico, that he returns her love. Now we know for sure that el Marqués loves Aurora. Batín lets Federico know that Aurora has been talking alone with el Marqués. (In the Middle Ages this would be a "no no" without a dueña.) Aurora has given el Marqués a ribbon as a sign of her affection, to make Federico jealous.

    In Act III, Aurora tells el Marqués that she had loved Federico but he betrayed her with Casandra. Aurora tells Federico that she is marrying el Marqués. Then the Duke receives an anonymous letter telling him that both Casandra and Federico have betrayed him. When Federico says he will obey his father and marry Aurora, his father pretends to be delighted. When Casandra tells the Duke that Carlos and Aurora want to marry, he tells her that he has agreed Federico will marry Aurora. This is all further complicated when Aurora tells the Duke that Federico no longer cares for her.

    Have you ever seen such a web of lies? This is not just one triangle (Casandra, Federico, Aurora) but another as well (Aurora, Federico, Carlos.) In a nutshell we have:
    Casandra loves Federico
    Aurora loves Federico
    Carlos loves Aurora
    Federico tells his uncle, the Duke, Aurora wants to marry Carlos
    Aurora tells the Duke she wants to marry Federico
    Casandra certainly does not want Federico to marry Aurora, but tries to get Aurora married to Carlos when she talks to the Duke
    It ends with Federico killing Casandra, el Marqués killing Federico, Aurora no doubt marrying Carlos, the Duke never being blamed; thus Punishment or Justice Without Vengeance!


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