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I need help to find some data that will help me define the best way to practice self-forgetfulness and humility.

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    Rose -- are you sure you need data from outside sources?

    Does your instructor want you to examine yourself and come up with some answers that apply to you?

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    I need some outside sources because I have to create an action plan where I have to use those factors:
    1. Admit bias.
    2.Seek accurate feedback.

    3.Learn to laugh at ourselves.

    4. Learn from other cultures.

    5. Cultivate the other strengths.
    6. Assume a cosmic perspective.

    7. Experience awe.

    8. Focus beyond self.
    9. Promote secure attachment.
    10. Practice authoritative parenting.
    11. Model humility.
    12. Demonstrate balance.

  • psy -

    Here are many sites I found -- but they all seem to be religion, rather than psychologically based.

    I believe your instructor wants you to use what you've learned in this class and develop a personal action plan.

    For instance, if I were to develop one for myself, I'd start by examining my attitudes and admit some of my biases toward certain groups of people. I won't mention them here, but it would be appropriate for you to be specific in naming the groups you feel some bias against.

    To seek accurate feedback, I'd talk with knowledgable people, get to know people I feel biased against, and make an effort to incorporate their wisdom into my own life.

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