math distributive property

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rewrite each problem using the distributive property for the following
9 x 35
8 x 84
3 x 13

  • math distributive property -

    9 x 30 + 9 x 5=
    8 x 80 + 8 x 4=
    3 x 10 + 3 x 3=

  • math distributive property -

    what is the answer to 5{45+5}=

  • math distributive property -

    3(x - 2y)

  • distributive property -

    how can u solve a distributive math problem of multiplication?

  • math distributive property -

    This is when a factor multiples the sum of two numbers, you can multiply each number by the factor and then add the two products. :)

  • math distributive property -

    can u help me im lost

  • math distributive property -


  • math distributive property -


  • math distributive property -

    rewrite using the distributive property
    8 x a - 5 x a

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