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Math (FST)

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1. Give exact value of tan(theta) if cos(theta)=-2/7 and pi/2<theta<pi.

2. Find the domain, range, period, and phase shift of


3. The city of cape town, South America, has latitude 33.92 degrees south and longitude 18.37 degrees east. The circumference of a meridian is almost 40,000 km. Find the distance between cape town and the south pole, to the nearest km.

4. convert 4pi/5 radians to degrees

5. Convert 324 degrees to radians exactly

6. In a circle of diameter 22 inches, a sector is formed by a central angle of 16 degrees. Find the area of the sector to the nearest hundreth of a square inch.

Please help with these I have no clue what im doing.

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