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Hello, I have another essay question and I need help with this one the question is What are the three omens that fortell the death of Alonso? I don't know which acts to look for, thanks

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    This morning I forgot to mention the incongruity of Fabia and Tello going to remove a molar from a highwayman that was hanged. They needed a ladder and pincers. Later when asked why those two items were needed, did you catch the answer "to remove a young lady?" This was merely another example of a joke.

    Now you are looking for omens? Just look for any sort of forshadowing in all 3 acts. In Act I is the first time not going to Olmedo but remaining in Medina. If Alonso had remained in Medina, he might have escaped his death. In that same speech, Alonso mentions that love told him "you die tomorrow." Also, Fabia warns him that he is putting himself in danger.

    In Act I don't forget the cape that's left and how upset Rodrigo is when he sees someone else speaking at the grille. Also it's humorous how both Alonso and Rodrigo are wearing the ribbon in their hats. Now Inés knows her father has accepted Rodrigo as her suitor.

    See what you can do with Act II and III. My eyes simply won't read any more tonight. Hopefully you don't have to turn this essay in tomorrow!


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