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how do i say 'to' in french?i have a test tommorrow,but i lost my notes!!!!!!!!!

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    really to is not translated it is with the word

    good luck on the test

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    thanks! =]

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    no problem

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    "to" can be translated in several ways, depending on what you want to say; e.g.
    I go to school - je vais à l'école
    I speak to my mother - je parle à ma mère

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    I go to France - je vais en France
    when using the infinitive, "to" is not translated; e.g. to go - aller
    to have - avoir
    to be - être

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    When you ask for a translation, be sure you give the entire context, or the way the word is used. To simply say "to" it could be à, au, à l', à la, aux. If it's signifying an infinitive, that would be as in the last example: to have / to be.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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