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Ok i have a crossward puzzle and don't know some of the vocab.
Here is what i have :

1)Two endpoints and all the points between them. (7 letters long and the 4th letter is M)

2)The point where the X-axis and Y-axis meet.(6 letters long and the 2nd letter is R)

3)Two angles with a commen side but no commen interior points are________.(8 letters long and the 6th letter is E)

4)An "angle" formed by two opposing rays is a ________ angle. (8 letters long.

5)the four parts of a coorinate plane. (9 letters long. the 3rd letter is A and the 9th letter is S)

6)two nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines are ________ angles. (8 letters long and the 4th letter is T and the 7th letter is A)

If you could get one of these or if you want all of them that would be AWESOME!!!! Thank You for all of your help!!!!!!

  • Geometry -

    The answers are here: segment,origin, quadrants, adjacent, straight, vertical

    Not in that order.

  • Geometry -

    Thank You! you saved my butt!!!!!!!!!!

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