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I have 12 word problems to do for my class today.
I am not very good at them.
Any suggestions on how to set them up?

they vary from question to question

  • MATH -

    Turn the word problems into equations, and solve for the unknown quantity or quantities.

    Why not give us one or two examples to show you the process?

  • MATH -

    A model rocket is launched vertically upward from the top of a cliff 144 feet above sea level. This translates to the model y = -16t^2 + 128t + 144 where y is the height in feet and t is the time in seconds after it was launched. After it is launched, when will the rocket hit the water?

  • MATH -

    It will hit the water when y = 0. You have to solve the quadratic equation.

    You can rewrite it (by dividing both sides by -16)
    t^2 - 8t - 9 = 0
    which factors to
    (t-9)(t+1) = 0

    Therefore t = 9 seconds is when it hits the ground. The other solution t = -1 second has no meaning

  • MATH -

    A ball is dropped from a height of 64 feet. It's height above the earth is the feet given by h(t)=-16t^2+64, where t is the number of seconds after it is dropped
    a Find h(1)
    b how long does it take the ball to fall to the earth

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