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please help me with this question
" king kong carries a Fay Wrap up the 321-m-tall empire state building. at the top of the shyscraper, Fay Wrap's shoe falls from her foot. how fast will the shoe be movinig when it hits the ground?"

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    Vf^2=Vi^2 + 2*g*height

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    The woman's name was Fay Wray, not Fay Wrap. Perhaps your teacher is trying to be funny. He or she should be more careful explaining the important forces on the shoe.

    The answer that you get with the energy-conservation equation suggested (which neglects air resistance) will be quite a bit too high; air resistance will be important.

    Wih information on the size and weight of the shoe, a much more accurate value can be estimated.

    A similar problem often assigned was to compute the speed of a penny dropped from the Empire State Building, making a case that it might kill anyone it hits. That is not what happens at all.

    This is a poor way to teach physics, in my opinion.

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