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Jiska-homework help? I don't seem to have any help. they just search the google and attached the website of the google search

  • jisak -

    Jiskha Homework Help Forum is just that -- a homesork HELP board, not a homework DO board. When the student shows that s/he has made some effort to answer a question, especially a multi-part question, that we're glad to discuss it and help.

    When we post websites, we do so for the student to study the procedures or to give information that will help him/her to find the answer.

  • jisak -

    We find information for you. We are not going to do your work for you, this is Help, not providing ready to copy and paste homework grazers. The sites you are given provide the information.
    We expect students to do their own work, and own thinking. We do our best to provide the structure for that. We always will be happy to critique students thinking and work. On the broad search you were given, the first is excellent...you do have to do some inference thinking on two points (blood ejecting), but the sites were rather good. Few of our students are too stupid to do a google search, but some early elem students have difficulty using the right keywords, and quite a few upper students are to lazy to do it: they are looking for "answers".

    Good luck.

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