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1.In a cathode ray tube, electrons are accelerated from rest by a
constant electric force of magnitude 6.56 x 10*-17 N during the
first 1.87 cm of tube's length; then they move at essentially
constant velocity another 45.0 cm before hitting the screen.
Find the speed of the electrons when they hit the screen.

How long does it take them to travel the length of the tube?

2.It takes 2.60 s for a small ball with a mass of 0.060 kg released
from rest from a tall building to reach the ground. Calculate
the height from which the ball is released.

If that ball had been released from the same height, but this
time above the surface of the moon, how long would it have
taken for the ball to hit the ground?

  • physics -

    1; you know acceleration (F/mass) and distance vf^2=2*acceleration*distance

    2; You know g, time, and mass.

    h=1/2 g t^2

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