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the sum of three intergers is 193.The smaller two are consecutive intergers and the larger two are consecutive even intergers.What are the three intergers?

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    wouldn't the smaller two be one apart, and the larger two would be two apart?
    smallest --> x
    second ---> x+1
    third ---> x+3

    then x + x+1 + x+3 = 193

    solve for x

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    thank you!

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    -4 -4

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    3x+4=193 you don't know what x is so you cant go any farther i just got done with this unit

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    uhmm i think you would subtract 4 from both sides so that would just leave you with 3x

    -4 -4

    3x= 189

    then you would divide 3 from both sides
    which leaves you with 63

    x=63 =]

    oh and make surewhen you do these promblems you go back and check it

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