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1. A blowout, or a flat tire that occurs suddenly while you are driving, can be frightening.


2. Blowouts happen less frequent than they used to.


3. Your immediate reaction to a blowout is very important.


4. A quick reaction can make the difference between stopping safely and losing control of the car.


5. Most people slam on the brakes after a blowout, which is a real dangerous thing to do.


6. Instead, experts suggest that you gruadually release pressure on the accelerator.


7. If you have both hands on the wheel, you will be able to correct the car's _strong___ tendency to veer to one side after a blowout.


8. If you are _patient___, you will find a safe place to pull over.


9. It is better to ride for a while on a flat tire than to worry _unnecessary___ about damaging the tire or the wheel.


10. A _true___ tragic accident may be avoided by planning properly for a blowout.


  • Research writing -

    Sentences 2, 5, 9, and 10 are incorrect. The rest are right.

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