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can someone check these for me ?

Lead(IV)nitrate-- Pb(No3)4
Aluminumoxide-- Al2O
Ammoniumphosphate-- NH4(Po4)
Perchloric Acid-- Clo4
Copper(II)bromide-- CuBr2


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    yes, no, no, no, yes.

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    Why is 2,3, and 4 wrong?

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    Oxidation state of Al is +3, O is -2.
    NH4 is +1, PO4 is -3

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    HClO4 is perchloric acid
    The series is

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    so im still confused.
    The answer would be then, Al3O2?



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    Why is methyl and ethyl groups called hydrocarbons

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    You should post your questions under Post a New Question located at the top of the page. Posting as a piggy back on another post often gets ignored if we don't go back to look to see if there is a follow up question. methyl and ethyl groups are CH3 and CH3CH3. The have hydrogen and carbon; thus they are hydrocarbons.

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    Yes, you are. One was of checking to see if your answer is correct is to add up the oxidations states of everything. All compounds must add to zero. Does Al3O2 add to zero. Al is 3x+3=+9 and O is 2 x -2 = 4. Nope. Doesn't add to zero. Here is how you do it.Write AlO
    Above Al write +3. Above O write -2.
    For the subscripts, draw an X starting at the top of the l and ending at the bottom of the O. The other leg of the X starts at the top of the O and moves to the left and downward to the bottom of the l. Now, just place those numbers at the bottom of the two legs of the X. Thus, Al2O3. Ignore the signs. Check it?
    Al = 2x+3 = +6.
    O = 3x -2 = -6
    +6 and -6 = 0. Voila!

    NH4 is +1
    PO4 is -3
    (NH4)3PO4 or to make it look nicer, if I can do it,

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